Nick Mount

Nick Mount is one of Australia’s most accomplished and celebrated studio glass artists. Mount’s earliest and most enduring influences include the US west coast glass scene and the traditions of the Venetians. Informed but not confined by tradition, Mount is known for his production, commission and exhibition work. Since the late 1990s the latter has comprised of an evolving series of sculptural assemblages. Ranging in scale and character, they describe an aesthetic that is both provocative and playful, intimate and spectacular. Mount’s work is represented in major public and private collections and his reputation as a generous teacher, demonstrator and mentor sees him teaching regularly at glass centres around the world.


There are many ways to create patterns in glass and in this class, we will work through a few of them. As many as possible. In the glass and/or on the glass. We can work with colours or textures, hot and cold. We can work with cane and murrini and other hot techniques. We can look for textures in our island environment for inspiration and materials.

---Nick Mount


Kathleen Elliot

Kathleen Elliot creates sculptures out of flameworked glass, using a vocabulary of botanical forms, including leaves, flowers, fruits and vines. She began her glass work in 1991. She study at Pilchuck Glass School in 2001, 2002 and 2003. 2013 as an instructor. Elliot’s work is shown in museums, art centers and galleries throughout the U.S. She has won numerous awards, been written about in a variety of art publications, and her work is in several prominent collections. She served on the boards of the Glass Alliance of Northern California and the Bay Area Glass Institute. Elliot resides and operates her studio in Cupertino, California

Organics in the Flame

In this course I will teach you how to make many types of organic forms ‒ fruits and vegetables, pods, leaves, flowers, vines, and branches ‒ real and imaginary, and we will build them into sculptures that you design. We will work in a range of techniques including blowing and solid sculpting, working with clear glass, and adding color with powders and frits to create organic surfaces. All skill levels are welcome.

---Kathleen Elliot

Visiting Artist

Pauline Mount

Nick and Pauline were introduced to glass in the early 70s when they were students of the Gippsland Institute of Advance Education. Their subsequent exposure to the thriving studio glass scene on the West Coast of the United States and the famous Venetian glass factories on the island of Murano in Italy cemented their commitment to building a studio practice and remains an enduring influence. Sustaining a family and a home has been fundamental to Nick Mount Glass along with maintaining a regular schedule of exhibitions and teaching commitments across Australia and internationally with commissions continuing to form one of the foundations of our business. Our collaboration in Contemporary Australian studio glass now spans more than four decades.

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