The 29th Niijima International Glass Art Festival


Kelly O`dell / Raven Skyriver

Kelly O’Dell was born in Seattle in 1973, raised in Hawai’i, and now lives in the Pacific Northwest. When she was very young, her artistic parents made their living using stained glass, furnace glass, and pressed flowers. While seeking her college education years later, Kelly discovered glass as her primary focus at the University of Hawai’i. The program offered her many opportunities to study at Pilchuck Glass School, and she eventually relocated there as a member of the William Morris Winter Crew. Her work mainly explores themes of extinction, preservation, and human impact on the natural world.  She resides in Stanwood, WA with her husband Raven Skyriver and their 6 year-old son Wren. 

class description:Pacific

Deepen your understanding of hot glass throught the study of the organisms that live in the Pacific Ocean. we are all citizens that inhabit the shores of this vast ecosystem, and the amazing biodiversity that it hosts. Let us nterpret the seemingly limitless ariation of form and color, for our inspiration Sculpt blown and solid forms, sharpen your hand-skills and build intention and confidence in sculptural technique. While exploring texture, color, and pattern. Students will ustilize the benefits of varying heat sources (glory hole and torches). Our class will solve problems together using sketchbooks, teamwork, and discussion as our learning tools.

---Kelly O`dell



Jennifer Caldwell

Jennifer Caldwell -AKA Umphress’ work often draws inspiration from her environment. Born and raised in California, she began working with glass in 2000 while living in Hawaii. Umphress now lives and works in Kingston, Washington, where the Pacific Ocean continues to influence her work. “Although my inspiration comes from the ocean, I aspire to capture the fluidity of nature in a simple contemporary form,” says Umphress in her personal statement. Umphress studied with Cesare Toffolo during a month long apprenticeship in Murano, Italy, and has taken workshops with Robert Mickelsen and Janis Miltenberger. Her work has been shown nationally and Internationally.

class description: Sea life through borosilicate

This class will concentrate on the fundamentals of solid borosilicate sculpture with a focus on sealife imagery. Students will learn basic sculpting skills to build a strong foundation for their work. They will then work with these foundation elements to create complex forms from simple components. We will also discuss solutions for finishing and display.

--- Jennifer Caldwell