Niijima International Glass Art Festival



William Gudenrath

William Gudenrath has conducted numerous demonstrations and lectures in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. He is also actively involved in various roles, such as being a special member and advisor to the Corning Museum of Glass, an international advisory committee member at Urban Glass, and the technical committee chairman for the annual Venetian Glass Study conference. In addition to these activities, he has authored several books to correspond with his work, including:
"Roman Cameo Glass"
"Reflecting Antiquity"
"Glass of the Sultans"
He has also published the following videos with the titles:
"The Studio: Glass Masters at Work: William Gudenrath"
"Foundations: An Introduction to Glassblowing"
"An Introduction to Venetian Techniques"

Artist's Message

In this class, students will build a firm foundation in the basic movements of Venetian-style glassblowing, focusing on well-formed and thinly-blown vessel bodies, excellent necks, delicate mereses, and blown feet and stems. When students have mastered these techniques, they will proceed to making canes and studying cane working processes. Venetian objects will be studied—initially to frustrate, and then to inspire.

-- William Gudenrath


Kentaro Yanagi

After graduating from the Tokyo Glass Art Research Institute, Mr. Yanagi embarked on a career in education as a lecturer at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. He also established his own private studio called "Atelier En" (Flame Studio). In addition to serving as a part-time lecturer at Monotsukuri University, he imparts knowledge and skills to students. He also took on the role of a technical advisor at the Shinjima International Glass Art Festival and worked as a lecturer at the Tokyo Glass Art Institute and the Pilchuck Glass School. Mr. Yanagi received the Economic and Industry Minister's Award at the Japan Craft Awards. He has shared his expertise and experiences with fellow artists through demonstrations and lectures at international events such as GAS (Glass Art Society) conferences and ILGAF (International Lampworking and Glass Art Festival). Moreover, he continues to teach at universities and workshops, passing on his passion and knowledge to students.

Artist's Message

In this class, borosilicate glass is fused with an oxygen burner to create kinetic glass works. By making the glass kinetic, the artist focuses on expanding the possibilities and expression of the work. Specifically, the glass tubes and rods are used to create joints, cranks, gears, and chains. The end result is an original moving glass work of art!

-- Kentaro Yanagi